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Being ourselves; Is it always good?

How many times have we solved a situation by just saying “that’s how I am”, “love me the way I am or don’t love me at all” or even “I won’t change for anybody”?

Up to a degree it is right to say and do so. But what happens when being ourselves stand in the way of what we want to accomplish? Who are we? Would making changes in your persona to achieve a goal really makes you “not being yourself”?

If you really want something any adjustments- specially attitudes- you make in order to achieve them are actually what you really are. These goals we set for ourselves are basically where we want to get or who we want to be. As human beings we are constantly evolving as we hear, see, smell, taste, touch. As our senses receive new information that is later used as knowledge we are constantly changing and slowly evolving.

As most of us already experienced we have to often make sacrifices in order to achieve our goals, that promotion you want, the career you always wanted to follow, the family you always dreamed of, those are simply examples of the limitless amounts of goals a human being can set to himself. Knowing sacrifice is often needed, knowing we often find ourselves in the situation of choosing and knowing that almost every- just because I don’t want to say every- decision in life has no return; Why is it so hard to understand that change is often needed? Why are we so afraid on letting go on our attitudes for a better and greater good?

When it comes to attitude modification we are never going to find ourselves with nothing, that pretty much leaves out the fear on losing everything by making changes. Why are we so afraid of losing our persona when we want to achieve a goal? Our persona is never lost, it just transform.

In the end it all comes down to individual judgement based on a sole question; is it worth the change?

All I can say is; everything is worth the change and I guarantee, even if you lose after all, your persona is never lost and you’ll be a little bit wiser.